Retirement Planning

Identifying and implementing retirement planning strategies that allow our clients to retire with peace of mind.

The Challenge

Today’s retirees may be challenged as no recent generation has. A “perfect storm” has emerged comprised of low interest rates, volatile stock markets and unprecedented longevity. These realities are sure to create stress for many retirees as they seek ways to make their retirement income last as long as they do. 

More than ever before, retirees are dependent upon their investments to generate retirement income. With fewer companies providing traditional pension plans, retirees are being forced to assume the investment risk associated with their retirement assets. Of course, widespread uncertainties about the future of Social Security continue to linger. Increasing budget deficits and financial uncertainty only serve to create additional anxiety for retirees. All of these factors combine in a way that causes retirees to seek investment choices that offer safety but also provide growth opportunities to meet their income needs for both today and tomorrow.

Traditional asset allocation approaches don't place enough emphasis on the specific risks that retirees face. The central objective of our investment process for retirees is to provide sustainable cash flow that rises with inflation. In addition, interest rates at levels not seen since the Eisenhower administration have reduced the current income that can be gained from savings vehicles. Many retirees are thus challenged to find ways to boost levels of current income without taking on undue risk.

Visit our Retirement Planning Calculator to see if you are on track for your retirement goals.

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