About Clear Harbor

Independent Financial Advisor

Clear Harbor Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm located in Destin, FL. We are dedicated to delivering timely investment and financial planning strategies to help clients lessen risk, grow their wealth, and reach their goals.

Our goal is to thoroughly understand clients’ financial priorities. We do this by listening to our clients to fully understand their current situation and future objectives, as well as potential concerns. We then create investment strategies designed to help them achieve their financial and life goals.

We pride ourselves on making the process of investing and financial planning straight-forward and stress-free. We meet with each client in person or virtually in order to get to know them and identify their goals and establish their financial plan and investment strategy.

The Power of Independence

We aim to provide high quality, unbiased financial planning and investment advice. As independent financial planners we are free from some of the inherent conflicts of interest a client might find if they are a customer of a major bank or brokerage firm that offers proprietary products. We have the freedom and flexibility to select the products and service providers that best match our clients’ goals. We are also free from the production, sales, and new asset goals that are commonly used at most of the major brokerage firms. This freedom allows us to focus on doing what is in the best interest of our clients and not on meeting a monthly or quarterly sales goal.

About The founder


Hi, I'm Dustin and I'm the Founder and President of Clear Harbor Wealth Management. I started Clear Harbor after working for several years at a couple of large national broker-dealer firms. I learned a lot working for both of those firms but the most important thing I learned is that I didn't want the profitability of the firm, or some arbitrary sales goal to stand in the way of me doing what was in my clients' best interest.

I first got into the industry in 2008 during the greatest economic recession we have seen since the Great Depression. During that time I worked in the national headquarters of one of the companies, where part of my role was to manage client accounts and branch offices across the country. My experience and conversations with hundreds of clients during that period had a tremendous effect in shaping my views on investment management and financial planning. As a result, I focus on investment strategies designed to reduce clients’ risk during times of economic and market stress while still allowing their assets to grow during periods of economic expansion. 

I live in Destin, FL with my wife Michelle, who is the Broker of Dale E. Peterson Realty, and our three daughters. We are members of and very involved in Shoreline Church. During our free time we enjoy golfing, working out, and paddle boarding, as well as being involved in many different organizations throughout the Destin community.

Our Process

We take a thoughtful, and thorough look at your unique situation, considering multiple options and scenarios before recommending a solution. During this process we create a comprehensive, goals-based plan designed to help make your financial goals a reality.



Our mission is to provide unbiased wealth management services to help protect and grow your wealth.

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